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Hugo isn’t just a white wine. Nor just an aperitif. 

Hugo is a sparkling white wine with a frisky flavour of summer from natural elderflower-aromas. A glass of Hugo is a glass of new beginnings. Rooted in old Italian traditions, Stella and Angelo gives you the perfect drink to kick-start your summer. 
Take a sip of Hugo and enjoy the floral flavours and refreshing bubbles made beautiful with a couple of fresh menthe leaves, slices of lime and a bunch of ice cubes – to keep you fresh at all times.

Cheers to new beginnings! Cheers, Hugo!


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The Hugo cocktail

Stella Angelo’s Hugo is among the most refreshing cocktails you will find. Inspired by the classic Mojito, Stella and Angelo’s Hugo cocktail is spiced up with mint leaves that are crushed an unique way of its own. Served with lime and ice you will feel the taste of Hugo as it should be.




Origin of Stella Angelo’s Hugo

Cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, the Daiquiri or the Martini have been around for decades. The Hugo, on the contrary, is a new cocktail. As a tribute to local bartender Roland Gruber, Stella Angelo have created the classic original Hugo known from the alps of Northern Italy. With a frisky flavour based on true elderflower-aromas, our focus is to spread the culture of the Hugo all over the world.

Shortly after the invention of the summer drink, it spread hastily through the Alps. It became a huge hit in Austria, and reached the trendy bars of Munich where it conquered Southern Germany. Ever since, it has been one of the most popular cocktails in Southern Europe.



Stella Angelo - a Hugo cocktail for everyone

Stella Angelo’s Hugo cocktail is a refreshing drink, perfect for hot summers and good times with friends. Served in wine glasses, its popularity can partly be attributed to its sophisticated look. Yet the taste of Stella Angelo’s Hugo is where the cocktail truly stands out from its competitors.

The Hugo cocktail by Stella Angelo, has no hidden flavours that will tease your tastebuds. It’s mild, it’s sweet, and has a very refreshing taste due to the mint and lime. It’s definitely one of the most summerly drinks to find.



The Hugo cocktail recipe by Stella Angelo

You will find a lot of recipes for Hugo cocktails, however only one original recipe will give you the taste of the real Hugo. Stella Angelo gives you the guide to serve the Hugo cocktail as it should be served.

You’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Stella Angelo
  • Mint leaves
  • Sliced lime
  • Ice cubes

Serve the Stella Angelo in a wine glass and your Hugo cocktail is ready to drink.

How to drink your Stella Angelo

The Hugo cocktail is essential for summer times. It’s tasty, it’s mild, and it’s classy. The cocktail is served in a wine glass with ice and lime, making it a perfect hybrid between white wine and the Mojito. The cocktail gives you the perfect setup whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or seeks the right cocktail for late night dinners.