Stella Angelo






“Tell me the story about when grandpa met grandma…”, she asked. “…Once during a time when the earth was simple, a star shone brighter than anything. The people were grateful, and rejoiced every time the star shone. She brought them joy and hope – they called her “The Star of Summer”.

One day, a new light was cast over the sky. It was nothing like the other glimpses of light – like an angel.
It was captivating; so crisp and delicate....It was Angelo. 

Stella couldn’t get her eyes of him. And luckily, Angelo wasn’t hesitating either. And that was it; they joined forces and shone brighter than ever before; working their ways in the laboratory of their producery with ease and grace. Together, they made the drinks that shed light over people, as soon as the sun went down.

 That’s grandma and grandpa, Stella and Angelo.