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The perfect setup to match your Hugo drink


The Hugo drink is unquestionably one of the most refreshing cocktails you can enjoy. Moreover, the surroundings can be significant too, as it will create a very special atmosphere, which contributes to the refreshing taste. Therefore, we will present the essentials to match your Stella Angelo Hugo drink. If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to create an exceptional atmosphere.


The Stella Angelo recipe

The most important part is, first of all, to create the perfect Hugo drink with the right recipe. It will require mint leaves, lime, ice cubes and Stella Angelo’s Hugo:

Crush/muddle the mint leaves and add Hugo, ice, and lime. Simple as that and you’ll have the refreshing cocktail.

Create the best atmosphere for your Hugo drink with a few easy steps

Stella Angelo adores the atmosphere for the Hugo drink and we simply believe that the right surroundings can raise the holistic experience.

Bring it to the beach

During the summer, it is recommendable to bring Stella to the beach. Watch the sunset and enjoy your favorite summer cocktail. Nothing should prevent the Hugo drink from being served during all seasons, but it is a great match with the sun and the heat. It is nearly a necessity when going to the beach, so fill your bag with Stella Angelo, ice and lemon, and you are guaranteed a stunning sunset.



Share the Hugo drink with your friends or family

The good company contributes to great surroundings when enjoying the Hugo drink. You can easily share it over a delightful dinner or at your next cocktail party. Stella Angelo desires to create bonds between individuals. We want to bring people from far and wide together as well as gathering your nearest loved ones. Who knows, you may just find the one Stella or Angelo in your life.



Combine with good vibes

Good vibes get along with the Hugo drink and during socializing obviously. It is another easy mechanism to implement while consuming Stella Angelo. Remember to bring your transportable speaker to the beach, play your favorite vibes and your day or night is secured.

It is though important to mention that our Stella Angelo is designed for every setting. You can certainly appreciate it during all times of the year. It can brighten up the dark times and goes hand in hand with the summer. We want to be a part of your future memories and in a mixture with the aforementioned settings, you will be able to create very special moments with Stella Angelo.

William Ulrik Lundsfryd